2017 conference presentations

2017 Conference presentations

Communicate, Collaborate, Celebrate!

Tuesday 9 May 2017

Conference Opening Ceremony
Welcome to Country

Opening Plenary
Her Excellency Professor the Honourable Kate Warner AM, Governor of Tasmania

Concurrent Session 1 
1. One-on-one motivational interviewing: A model for resident retention and success - Samantha Gross, Student Initiatives Coordinator, Charles Sturt University
2.  Transitioning to PPP Arrangements in Accommodation: key issues and pitfalls - Nigel Pennington, University of Wollongong
3.  Behind the scenes - the operational implications of extending Orientation/ResFest from a traditional one week program to a multi-week experience - Carolyn Ballagh, La Trobe University
4.  Bullying, booze and bad behaviour - building a positive culture in a troubled world.  Helen Lindon, Add Value Promotions

Keynote Speaker

Global Perspectives in Student Accommodations - Tom Ellett, Ph.D.

ACUHO-I Presentation

Ignite 20:20 Information sessions

Social Media & Student speak - Mick Alldis, UNE
Ingredients to a successful event's communication overall campaign - Gloria Lam
ACUHO-I Internship program - Melanie Coffey
New Buildings, New Demographics, New Challenges! - Mary Sparks
How to Put the "Mate" Back in Roommate - Jamiyl Mosley, ANU

Concurrent Session 2 
1. Using StarRez, Excel and Tableu to analyse your data - Ben Lowther, University of Wollongong
2. PBSA - Lessons Learnt - Lynda Mathey, Australian National University, Canberra
3. Restorative Justice - Kyle Boyd, University of Newcastle and John Dance, Victoria University of Wellington
4. Life Experience or Luxury in Student Accommodation? - Laura Burge, Deakin Residential Services, Deakin University
5. ResPass - Our Academic Program - Mary Sparks, Rachael Phillips and Adriana Michell, University of Wollongong

Wednesday 10 May 2017

Ignite 20:20 Information sessions

Innovation in Residential Life Being Driven by Student Leadership - Lachlan Power
Crazy/Unique things that happen only in Malaysia - Sri Velan
The Purple House - Our Story - Daniel Lee
A Common Grievance over Car Parking: A Typology for Faculty-Student Interaction - Casey White

Concurrent Session 3 
1. Long term planning for a sustainable accommodation enterprise - Vincent Wilson, CEO, Deakin Residential Services, Deakin University
2. Collaboration, Student Experience and Sustainability in a residential community - Tess Rendoth and Michelle Nunn, University of Newcastle
3. From Strengths to Strength - Jodie Lawer, University of Wollongong
4. First Year Living-Learning Communities: Lessons learned so far - Samantha Gross, Student Initiatives Coordinator, Charles Sturt University
5. Technology & Security - and the implications for Duty of Care - Jody King, Marketing & Communications Manager, BigAir & connectmy.net
Keynote Speaker
Adam Ferrier
StarRez Tech Talk - David Wengier, StarRez
Concurrent Session 4 
1. Mitigating institutional risk and empowering students for success - David Segal and Samantha Schofield, Ursula Hall, Australian National University
2. THRIVE@Trinity: Health Promotion, Partnerships and Priorities - Liz Caddy, Trinity College, University of Western Australia
3. "Help! I need somebody, Help! Not just anybody" - Wellbeing: Enhancing formal help seeking behaviours of Residential College students - Melanie Zimmerman and Peter Munster, University of Southern Queensland
4. The New Australian Colleges - Trevor Hamilton, NettletonTribe Architecture

Thursday 11 May 2017

Keynote Speaker
Rob Edwards
Concurrent Session 5 
1. 'Be prepared' - The pre-arrival process for success - Jodie Hazell, Deakin Residential Services, Deakin University
2.  Involving students in the discussion - Sylvie Giguere, NAAUC
3.  The St Leo's College Re-Think Program - Mark Thornton, St Leo's College, University of Queensland
4.  Mental Well Being: Strategies for Residents and Staff - Michael Donehue, National Services Manager, Alcohol & Drug Education Specialists
ACUHO-I Global Initiatives Network (GIN)
Edwina Ellicott
Red Frogs Presentation
Professional Development 
1. Rob Edwards
2. Alcohol Harm Minimisation in Colleges & Halls of Residence - UK field study - Dr Tim Corney, Queens College, University of Melbourne & Alcohol-related incidents in Residence; what are the demographics? - Rebekah Murray-Smith, University of Wollongong
3. Platinum sponsor presentation - Transforming Your Business Processes Through Automation - Melanie Coffey, Federation University and Shane Chandler, StarRez
4. Building your Professional Brand - Laura Burge and Marion Bayley, Deakin Residential Services, Deakin University
Keynote Speaker
Allana Corbin