Global Housing Training Institute

APSAA and ACUHO-I  hosted ACUHO-I’s inaugural Global Housing Training Institute (GHTI) in Melbourne, in 2018 and followed this with another successful Institute in 2019, in Geelong. This institute provides a unique opportunity for members around the globe to participate in an intensive event to build meaningful skills, discuss critical issues, and form strong bonds with colleagues. The GHTI is designed to engage in cross-border conversations to share best and next practice concepts to assist different regions of the world where specific professional development and growth is desired to continually improve student accommodation and residential communities.  

The GHTI provides an exceptional professional development experience for advancing professionals (those with a minimum of 1 years experience) working in student accommodation.  Participants will meet and interact with other colleagues, establish mentor relationships with experts in the field and gain skills and competencies needed to meet the current and future demands of the profession.

The Global Housing Training Institute is the only intense professional development opportunity specifically for student accommodation professionals to be offered in Australia.  

Learning outcomes for participants

Participants will benefit from industry specific professional development and growth, based on ACUHO-I’s Core Competencies:  The Body of Knowledge for Campus Housing Professionals.

The format is based on learning and working together in core groups with an assigned faculty member who will be their Industry mentor and coach during GHTI.  On completion of GHTI participants have the opportunity to maintain this professional mentoring relationship. 

Topics covered during the GHTI include:

  • Developing as a Professional
  • Policy Development and student involvement
  • Student Wellbeing
  • Occupancy Management
  • Human Resources
  • Corporate Student Accommodation (PPP's)
  • Programming, Academic Initiatives and Student Leaders
  • Crisis/Risk Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Financial & Budget Management
  • Current Issues

The program provides an intensive learning community. Participants benefit from the formal training, group activities and the many informal networking opportunities.  Participants build a unique industry professional network with other participants and Faculty members from around the world.  

Participants have the opportunity to plan their professional development through guided self-assessment.  Participants receive industry recognition on completion of GHTI.

The GHTI is based on the National Housing Training Institute (NHTI), which is coordinated by ACUHO-I and held annually in the United States.  In this article, published in ACUHO-I's Talking Stick magazine, members share how their experience at the NHTI informed their work both inside and outside their offices.  

2020 GHTI

Planning is underway for the 2020 Global Housing Training Institute, which will be held in Sydney, NSW, from Monday 30 November - Friday 4 December 2020.   

SAVE THE DATES - Registration will open soon!  

2020 GHTI Faculty

We are delighted to announce the Co-chairs of the 2020 GHTI Faculty - Gay Perez and Vincent Wilson.  Work is currently underway to select faculty members.

Gay Perez, Co-chair

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and
Executive Director of Housing and Residence Life,
University of Virginia

Vincent Wilson, Co-chair

Chief Executive Officer,
Deakin Residential Services


2018 GHTI

Feedback from 2018 GHTI participants

Below is just a small sample of the feedback from 2018 GHTI participants. You can also read the write-up from the 2018 GHTI in the December 2018 edition of the Student Accommodation Journal.

"I really cannot fault the content or delivery of the course. You all did an amazing job to cover the breadth of areas we need to be across in our industry. as a generalist I really appreciated the Core Competencies as a way of explaining all that we need to be across in a day. I have never seen this captured anywhere like this before."

"I wasn't sure what to expect, but it is by far the most beneficial professional development I have ever received"

"I was initially concerned that it would be US based training, however it was adapted to Australian and local issues were discussed"

"This experience meant so much to me personally, Thank you! I didn't realize that I needed it."