Nomination - Fran O'Brien Award

Fran O'Brien Award for New Professionals

Awarded to a person who has worked in student accommodation for a period of more than one year but less than four years and who has made significant and quantifiable achievement and/or success in, or the introduction of, an innovative or outstanding work practice or outstanding service to students/staff in their residence/college with definable benefits.  The recipient of the Fran O'Brien Award for New Professionals receives a certificate and trophy as well as complimentary registration to the following years APSAA Conference, valued at $1,470.00 in 2020.

Award eligibility:

  • Worked in the industry for less than four years but more than one year
  • Currently an individual APSAA member or staff of an institution APSAA member 
  • Must provide letter of support from institution

Questions to address as part of nomination - these need to be uploaded as a separate document, in word or pdf:

  • Provide a current profile of yourself including current job role and scope of responsibilities including details of the role, any direct reports, your budget responsibilities if any, your organisational reporting line and KPI's.  Maxiumum 400 words
  • What are the strategies and plans you have initiated since joining the industry? Maximum 400 words
  • Detail the measurable achievements you have made since joining the industry.  Maximum 400 words

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