Nomination - Excellence in Student Experience

Excellence in Student Experience

Awarded for an innovative project or initiative that has positively enhanced the student experience - either in their academic lives or personal wellbeing.

Award eligibility:

  • Must be a current Institution/Corporate member of APSAA
  • Project/initiative must have been completed in previous 12 month period.

Questions to address as part of nomination - these need to be uploaded as separate documents, in word or pdf:

  • Provide details of the student experience project or initiative that you have implemented.  Maxiumum 400 words
  • What were the drivers and objectives of implementing this initiative? Maximum 400 words
  • How do you measure the success of this initiative to enhance student experience and what has been the benefit to residents at your institution with this initiative.  Achievements can be financial, operational or other. Maximum 400 words
  • How do you identify gaps in your student experience offering?  Maximum 400 words
  • What have been the key successes over the last 12 months in the area of student experience? Maximum 400 words
  • Are there any changes / improvements / learnings you could take from the project or initiative? Maximum 400 words

Submit your nomination by completing the form below: