Nomination - Excellence in Facility Development or Management

Excellence in Facility Development or Management

Awarded to an individual or institution demonstrating innovation in the development of a completed student centric accommodation facility.

Award eligibility: 

  • Must be a current member of APSAA
  • Facility must be a PBSA that is completed and operational at time of submission

Questions to address as part of nomination - these need to be uploaded as separate documents, in word or pdf:

  • Provide details of the facility including number of beds, operational staffing structure and time that the build/development was completed and open for occupancy.  Maxiumum 400 words
  • Provide examples of how your facility development or management has been innovative over the previous 12 months including cost effectiveness, design, student affordability, student amenity and risk minimisation. Maximum 400 words
  • Demonstrate how the facility has or is likely to have a positive impact beyond your institution (i.e to the industry, to the community) Maximum 400 words
  • Does the facility achieve its objectives and goals?  How are these improvements or impacts to the business measured?  Maximum 400 words

Submit your nomination by completing the form below: