Nomination - Excellence in Customer Service

Excellence in Customer Service

Awarded for a project or initiative which has greatly improved or enhanced customer service.

Award Eligibility:

  • Must be a current Institution/Corporate member of APSAA
  • Project/initiative must have been completed in previous 12 month period.

Questions to address as part of nomination - these need to be uploaded as separate documents, in word or pdf:

  • Provide details of the customer service project or initiative that you have implemented.  Maxiumum 400 words
  • How do you measure satisfaction and what has been the benefit to your institution with this initiative.  Achievements can be financial, operational or other. Maximum 400 words
  • How does your institution handle student complaints and what are examples of how you manage this process. Maximum 400 words
  • Are there any changes / improvements / learnings you could take from the project or inititive?  Maximum 400 words

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