Nomination - APSAA Scholarship

APSAA Scholarship

The APSAA Scholarship is awarded to an APSAA member who can demonstrate that by attending an ACUHO-I conference, their learning will benefit APSAA.

Award eligibility:

  • Must be a current member of APSAA
  • Must not have attended an ACUHO-I conference previously
  • Must be available to attend the ACUHO-I conference in the USA in the year the award is presented
  • Must agree to present findings via the Student Accommodation Journal and / or by presenting at the APSAA conference in the following year
  • Must attach a letter of support from your Institution

Questions to address as part of nomination - these need to be uploaded as separate documents, in word or pdf:

  • Provide a current profile of yourself including current job role and scope of responsibilities including details of the role, any direct reports, your budget responsibilities if any, your organisational reporting line and KPI's.  Maxiumum 400 words
  • Provide details of how you would benefit professionally from attending the ACUHO-I conference. Maximum 400 words
  • What learnings from APSAA could you take and present at the ACUHO-I conference?  Maximum 400 words
  • How can you benefit APSAA with any learnings from attending the ACUHO-I conference?.  Maximum 400 words

Submit your nomination by completing the form below: