Fran O'Brien Award

Fran O'Brien Award for New Professionals

Awarded to a person who has worked in student housing for a period of less than four years and who has made significant and quantifiable achievement and/or success in, or the introduction of, an innovative or outstanding work practice or outstanding service to students/staff in their residence/college with definable benefits.

The recipient of the Fran O'Brien Award for New Professionals receives a certificate and trophy as well as complimentary registration to the following years APSAA Conference, valued at $1,470.00 in 2020.


2019 Tony Andres, Kings College, University of Queensland
2018 Fiona Murray, University of New England
2017 Marion Bayley, Deakin Residential Services
2015 Dr Alex Seng, University of Sydney
2014 Fiore Costa, University of Wollongong
2013 Raphaela Oest, St Mark's College
2012 Rebekah Murray-Smith, University of Wollongong
2010 Andrew Renfree, University of Ballarat
2009 John Bracher, Victoria University
2008 James Kelly, Charles Sturt University
2007 Mick Mead, University of Queensland
2006 Wayne Kollegger, Gordon TAFE, Geelong
2005 Amit Mitra, University of Technology Sydney
2004 Emma Capaldi, University of Ballarat
2003 Graeme Chambers, University of Wollongong
2002 Angela Medwin, University of Tasmania
2001 Tony Chalkley, Deakin University
1999 Morris Shatford, La Trobe University